The Area Team The Area Team John Barton Sensei John,4th Dan is the Chairman and Technical / Grading Officer for our area. He established the area as part of the BJC in 1998. He has over 45 years of continuous judo experience in both coaching and contest. John is a past national medallist in contest judo, at both Kyu and Dan grade nationals. 123469722 Sylvia Barton Sylvia, 1st Dan, holds a Cub Coach Award , and Levels 1 & 2 of the FPJ. She has trained under Mr Mealing 7th Dan & the late Mr Hosaka 8th Dan, she coaches regularly at our south lakes clubs. Currently she is Area Treasurer and Secretary for Cumbria and the Borders. 123470874 Mark Arbuthnott Mark, 2nd Dan is our area representative, and holds a FPJ level 2 coaching award. He is Senior coach at his Brechin judo club. 164901471 Chris Neate Chris, 4th Dan is our deputy technical grading officer, and joint area grading examiner. He holds the rank of 4th Dan and has 40 years of judo experience. 175885838