Cumbria and the Borders Judo KAI

Traditional Judo at it's Best

Cumbria and the Borders: An area of the BJC

A Brief History of the BJC in Cumbria


John Barton makes contact with the BJC, which has retained traditional attitudes, including a balance between different aspects of judo training, including kata. Watanabe kwai, the club John established in the mid 80's becomes affiliated to the BJC in July.


Alan Findlay's Brampton judo club joins Watanabe kwai in forming the Cumbria Area of the BJC. As an area, they are responsible for organising their own area events, such as championships, gradings and coaching sessions.
The area holds a kata course and dan grading with the BJC vice-president as senior examiner. These kata courses become an annual event, and in future years attract Angela Brown, Dave Reveley, Dale Fenwick and Norman Reveley - all kata experts and world champions.


John Barton establishes Burneside judo club near Kendal.

Cumbria holds an FPJ Level 2 coaching course with Akinori Hosaka, kodokan hachidan. This attracts judoka from Scotland and the north of England.


Stronger links are forged with St. Ronan's BJC judo club in Innerleithen, established by Dave Hammond. As the clubs regularly support each others events, St. Ronan's joins the area which becomes known as Cumbria and the Borders.

The Borders annual Summer School is established by Dave Hammond

Alan Findlay dies on August 19th. Brampton judo club, which Alan had founded 40 years earlier, continues for a few months before closing.

In November George Temperton, yodan, is invited across to hold a kyushindo judo course. George Temperton was one of Kenshiro Abbe's students and still practises and teaches Abbe's style of judo.


The area badge is introduced. Designed by Derek Gove, it features kanji that read henkyo, which means borderland, or frontier.


Dave Steadman's Seishin Judokwai joins Cumbria and the Borders based at Oxclose, Washington.

Dave Hammond moves to Dundee and establishes the Ippon Judo Club. He remains part of Cumbria and the Borders. The club quickly establishes itself in the University city.


Mark Arbuthnott's Mudanshakwai JudoClub of Brechin joins Cumbria and the Borders.



Innerleithen Judo club closes.



John Barton establishes the Staveley Judo Club, Nr Kendal

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